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She writes about topics ranging from art to business. On her downtime, she enjoys watching the latest video game walkthrough or planning to attend the next comic convention. This Chilla’s Arts game is a 2020 indie title that got the gaming world talking. It is a J-horror video game that follows a young college girl as she works at a convenience store. The J-horror influence, reminders of impending doom , and ghostly apparitions that are just out of reach immerse you into this disturbing world. It’s atmospheric and makes you feel like you dress up games for girls are walking into a universe where a plot like The Ring has the potential to really happen. One of the elements that stand out about The Ring is the fact that it is just as much a mystery as it is a horror film.

And while I’m not saying anyone should remake or try to pump out a sequel, maybe you are like me and can’t help but think about that world and the characters who inhabit and wonder “What happened next? Back in 2005, Oogie’s Revenge was released on PS2 and Xbox. It’s a sequel to the original film and it’s like a Disney-spin on Devil May Cry. Chanell Turner is a content creator and digital marketing strategist with a love for all things gaming.

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The doll will actually be intent on stabbing you instead. If nobody comes or you’re approached by a friend or someone you know, your request has been denied by the spirit realm. But if a stranger walks over, without revealing your identity, politely ask them to tell you your fortune. Listen quietly, and when they’ve finished and have disappeared back into the night, walk home with your newfound knowledge. The mysteries are exactly what makes this game so enthralling. None other than Queen Mary I, the only child of King Henry VIII. Um… so, why her, exactly? Some explain it with physics—an average person’s body mass, spread out over five people, is actually no heavier to lift per person than a bag of groceries—and some claim it’s just a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Phasmophobia puts a heavy emphasis on communicating with the supernatural, as does The Ring. Samara chooses very unsettling ways to communicate with her victims, and she isn’t friendly by any means. The same is true for the spirits found in this game. Other than the eerie atmosphere and downright disturbing experience, P.T. Both pieces of media have horrifying stories about family secrets that drive the narrative.

  • Sometimes it’s reality that offers the deepest chills.
  • Serena is a first-person Myst-style point-n-click adventure set in a small cabin where the male protagonist tries to figure out what’s wrong with his memory and what happened to his wife, Serena.
  • I played this game when it first came out in 2014, and it is a must play even if you were not a fan of the original movie.

We have no idea what’s going on, but it gives us a shiver every time. Have one of your friends lie on the floor while four or five people kneel around him or her. With each of you placing just two fingers from each hand under their body, the group chants "Light as a feather, stiff as a board" and then attempts to lift that person into the air. It won’t work the first time, but by your second attempt, you’ll discover, much to everyone’s shock and awe, that they easily drift upwards, almost like you’re nudging up a balloon. Levitation is one of the oldest tricks in a magician’s playbook, and everybody knows that it’s just an optical illusion. Give this group activity a try and see if it doesn’t change your mind. It’s not great, but it’s better than you might expect and a perfect game for the creepy Halloween season.

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Most of the movie consists of the protagonists trying to stop their death in seven days. The sleuthing and searching for answers is very reminiscent of Alan Wake.