How To Use – Important Tricks On BIGO LIV Application On iOS And Android Phones To Make It Better (With Screenshots).

If the user is a member of a broadcast then the count of the publisher, members, and viewers is updated in real-time as well in the streams list. Viewers can send gifts, which are shown as an overlay to all users over apk BIGO LIV the video feed. Users can add beauty, video, and audio effects in real-time to their live videos. Many people are earning millions of rupees from it and all the details of how they get that money will tell you. While livestreaming has exploded in popularity, it also has a sinister side. Platforms such as Facebook Live have seen police shootings and suicides played out live in front of viewers, while there have been reports of paedophiles using livestreaming apps to groom children.

And though some new offerings correct safety issues of the past — and kids are getting savvier about responsible use — social media can still stir up drama. Periscope is one of the most popular platforms for streaming. Periscope provides all necessary functions for live streaming and it is free to use. Moreover, it is integrated with Twitter, which makes the app convenient for users of this social network. There is a popular saying, the majority of the people believe in what they watch rather than what they hear.


Using the right application according to the specifications of your devices is the perfect way to ensure the best BIGO Live experience. With Bigo Live, the parallel world of internet has intersected with the real world with the pathbreaking live streaming format. Safe to say, Bigo Live is bushwalking the internet era towards its new dawn on several fronts. Education and entertainment combined, Bigo has certainly proved to be infotaining for people around the globe.

  • Another notable feature of BIGO LIVE is that you can earn money from doing live shows.
  • This alert indicates that more time should be focused on these particular details prior to use.
  • First popularized in Europe, the app has now become well known in the United States.
  • In addition, they can “talk” with each other in group chats.
  • Mixer merged with Facebook gaming, so it no longer exists.

This Singapore-based app allows users to gift you virtual goodies –they call them ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Beans’- that you can exchange for real money. Live streaming yourself is not only fun but also rewarding, that is if you have the right app installed. Beans are a virtual currency and let me explain their worth, 210 beans are equal to $1. You can withdraw money by clicking on transfer beans and gifts to cash. Ask them in the comment section about their interest and Livestream about it. Educational videos and cooking classes on demand are the best way to get viral on this program and make good money.


Although the Internet ecology development in Southeast Asia is two to three years behind than that in China, it is already witnessing fierce competition. The user ratio of male to female is aroundwhich is different from live. Hope the article about What is Bigo Live and Bigo Live Wiki is useful to you in dealing with it. Comment us below in case of any queries regarding the Bigo Live app.