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Alternatively you can open in a browser and log in with your login data. The web version offers you other payment methods like direct debit payment, credit card and internet banking. Dear member, in order to chat with other members, you will always need sufficient Coins, because sending messages costs Coins. Unfortunately there is no way to earn free Coins at this moment.

  • Very very few women with pictures in a 400 km radius, and no replies, despite being generally considered good looking & fit with a well balanced profile.
  • One woman conversed with me, but when I suggested to move to Whatsapp she stopped conversation The fact that many of these profiles seem constantly online is also a big red flag.
  • Either these people don’t like you even without viewing your profile or they don’t exist.
  • As soon as you sign up overnight you receive loads of notifications that someone is interested in you, including from Sao Paulo, which was the first big red flag.

It features a lot of cities from all over the world so it’s easy to find an area close to you. All listings have to be verified before being posted, reducing the chances of spam or fake ads.

You will always have to buy Coins, if you do not have enough. Most of those sites, even if they are not a scam up front, are infested with bots and malware. So give Doublelist a try, and if you want to reach out to even more people consider trying these popular alternatives as well. Online personals are more ad-based with posts being shorter. Dating websites are profile and message-based, meaning you have more room to describe what you’re looking for and more about you.

Does Bumble Notify The Man When There Is A Match?

You will be happy to know there are indeed, women on Pure. I did an overview of Pure in 2018 and found there were a handful of women on it, but now there are more free sex dating sites female members. Click the "self-destruct" icon to tun off the chat timer. You can turn off the 24-hour chat timer on Pure by clicking the "self-destruct" timer. It’s the icon in the top right-hand corner of your chat screen.

I can deal with this; however, as I mentioned above, the app is glitchy, and if it kicks me out on the phone, and I log in on my desktop, I may lock myself out of the app. The app kicks me off continuously, forcing me to resubmit my email address to sign back on. The problem happens often, but seemingly more when not connected to WiFi. It’s more of an issue if I’m not accessing the internet on my WiFi. You better hope and pray you don’t have issues if you’re not accessing the app through a WiFi connection.

An Expert Says The Trend Toward Hooking Up Rather Than Dating May Spell Trouble For Women

The warning message doesn’t mean that the woman is a scammer, but you should think twice if you’re going to share personal information with her. And, of course, you will encounter women who are looking for money. As with any dating site, there are fakes, bots, and hookers. Whereas on Zoosk or POF, you may encounter an occasional fake bot, on Pure it seems as if every other female is a fake.


A huge issue I have with Pure is that it is very glitchy. The app can hang on you as it’s searching for females or accessing your account.

All chats disappear when your 24 hours are up or if you start a new session during a current session. King of the Hill is a paid feature that puts your profile front and center. King of the Hill puts your bio ahead of all the other guys, so women see it first. , meaning you cannot pay for this feature and use it with all women.

I was able to access the app while paying the desktop version, so I’m not sure why there are two different pricing structures. I’ll update this section if they change this, but for now, your best option is to pay via the web if you plan on using it for a month. One day is more than enough time to meet a woman on pure. Dear member, inside of the app you can only pay via your Appstore account or PayPal – however there must be a credit card or bank account attached to it.

Extend The Match

If you decide to start a new session, you lose all open conversations when you restart a new session. A 60-minute time limit was too slow, so I like the new 24-hour format.

It’s free to post on the site, but users do have to pay a small fee before ads go live. Locanto is a Doublelist alternative that’s been around as long as Craigslist. It’s another personals site for people looking for dates or casual encounters.

Whether you’re looking for a short intimate encounter or a long-term relationship, there’s something on this list for everyone. While still growing and adding to its list of features, Doublelist is a viable alternative to the old Craigslist personals. It also has sections for dating and long-term relationships if you’re looking for something more meaningful.