Need To Know: Important Tricks On Octopus Application For Phones That Nobody Knows | Revealed.

A press release from Apple would be nice but I’m not holding my breath. The days of announcements for transit additions to Apple Pay may be over. If the Apple Pay HOP service launch earlier this year is any indication, OCL should be lining up local Hong Kong media beforehand to cover startup day. Other screenshots from the same site show Wallet Recharge apparently limited to China UnionPay branded cards for the beta test period but should open up with the official release. A new beta test version of the iOS Octopus app and creation of Adult and Elder Apple Pay Octopus cards is also shown.

It’s really common sense and there is nothing to confuse about. You answered if she is having raw octopus no need to boil. In your grilled octopus recipe, you mentioned season boiled octopus with olive oil, salt, etc. Serve immediately with some fresh spring mix salad and lemon wedges. Fire up a grill and quickly grill the octopus over direct heat until the surface is slightly charred. Season the boiled octopus with olive oil, salt, ground black pepper and cayenne pepper.

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They can grow to about 4.3 feet in length and weigh up to 22 pounds, although averages are much smaller. They prey on crabs, crayfish, and mollusks, and will sometimes use their ink to disorient their victims before attacking. Fast swimmers, they can jet forward by expelling water through their mantles. And their soft bodies can squeeze into impossibly small cracks and crevices where predators can’t follow. The octopus can also squeeze through any hole that’s not smaller than its beak, the only hard part of its body.

  • In addition to cephalopods, inspiration for the material was from the original thin, metal-coated space blanket designed by NASA in the 1960s.
  • This end-point allows a new agreement to be created for an existing account.
  • When you transfer your balance to Wallet, your physical card might no longer work.
  • You can use it to set Agile pricing alerts and interact with Siri.
  • If you have a Secure smart meter, your meter readings will be submitted automatically.
  • The user can also track the total spent and the discounts earned.
  • You only have to store the screenshot in your photos, and the app will scan the barcode from there.

I would like to add that card to my Apple Wallet and use it there until Octopus APK I receive the replacement physical card. I’ve tried adding it from within Apple Wallet and from within the Photos app, but neither gives me the desired option. This seems a fairly straightforward and simple request. I found the official Apple support article for adding cards to the Apple Wallet and see an option for using “messages,” to do so. I tried sending the image to myself via message and still can’t get it to work. I’m not trying to add a credit card to Apple Pay and don’t expect anything “scannable” at a register.

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OCL limits Apple Pay Octopus card creation and recharge to having Hong Kong issue Mastercard, UnionPay and Visa cards already added in Wallet. This is a shame because Apple supports global NFC on all devices which Samsung and Android devices do not, a key difference. I also tried removing the card from wallet and adding through instant transfer, but when I finished the process it just booted me back to the wallet menu. It literally doesn’t want me to use instant transfer. Card already in wallet, but instant transfer option shows “Add a Debit card”.